Deep thoughts by Smek the Judge

I have wondered for a long time about the subject at hand. If some information has been gathered by illegal or cruel methods, should it be righteous to use?

Example A: During the horrible holocaust years in Germany, the doctors (or some "scientists") found out many things about human structure, behavior etc. Because it's illegal to study people the way they did, can we use the information they have written down? Wouldn't it be unethical?

Example B: The medicine and cosmetics industry have tested their products on animals for decades. Nowadays they don't or shouldn't do that anymore. Can they still use the information about previous animal tests although they wouldn't approve their methods? This is kind of an extension to Example A. Can you judge the others and then use their knowledge?

Example C: In a TV show You are what you eat, they set up a table with everything a fat person of the show has eaten during a period of time. It's usually full of delicious food, like chips and coke. Delicious but unhealthy. Now, will the TV production team eat all content on the table afterwards or will they throw it in the garbage pin because it's so unhealthy for anyone to eat and drink? What about the poor countries, the developing ones? Should the food be carried to them instead? Wait, isn't it just as unhealthy for them? What should be done with the table full of leftovers then? Isn't that a waste of waste, LOL?

Merry Christmas!

I may not blog before Christmas, so here's my wishing to all of you! It's snowy and cold here in Finland. It really looks like one of those Christmases when I was young. It's great that it still can happen, despite the client changes. I will probably stay passive in my blogging for now due to lack of motivation. Last time I wrote about slowing it down I increased my blogging noticeably! Well, let's see how it'll turn out this time. Have a good and peaceful one!

In my darkest hour

Today it's the shortest day when it comes to daylight. It's Winter solstice, according to calendar. It may not seem that dark because of the snow. It's as if the snow had been invented to shed some light on gloomy Winter days.

Don't get me wrong - I like it dark. It's just that human body and mind doesn't. I want to sleep in the dark, in a way it's my friend. My eyes don't hurt, like they do when it's light. I like it light as well, but not excessively.

If we look on the bright side, it's great that the Winter solstice is before Christmas and the New Year's eve. When those celebrations are due, it's already a bit lighter. That kind of gives a promise of better, lighter if you will, days ahead. The worst is behind and the sunlight in spreading into our days more and more every day.

It's good to have dark days though. Without them we couldn't rejoice days of early Spring that much.

December in Smekland

Keskustori in December or December in Keskustori?

Sorry for my lack of blogging lately. I just haven't felt like doing it. Instead I have concentrated on my comic strip drawings and Facebook. It seems that not before you have found a certain amount of friends there, it gets more interesting.

They have set up a Christmas square in Keskustori, the heart of Tampere city. It looks beautiful now with all those lights and colours, cottages and a huge Christmas tree. It's the second time around when this kind of Christmas celebration is happening there.

Tampere has organized these "Valoviikot" ("Light weeks") in every December as long as I have lived, which is quite a long time. There are many types of Christmas and Winter related characters formed out of light bulbs. They have stayed basically the same as long as I can remember; only some more of them has been added. The latest arrivals are more colourful than the oldest.

I started wondering about the girl feeding seals character. The girl has clearly a mini-skirt on - in the wintertime! Ok, seals are fed indoors in Särkänniemi, the amusement park in Tampere, but still. And isn't it a bit sexist nowadays too? Well, nevermind that. You can judge for yourself by watching the middle picture beside.

Currently I work in the center of Tampere. I use buses to get to work, because it's so damn hard to get a free parking place there. By 'free' I mean both available and costless. If I wake up early enough, I have a better chance to get one, but I still have to walk a mile or so to get to work. That's not bad though.

Now that the temperature has gone below zero, -15 C degrees this morning actually, the starting up of a cold motor engine strains the car a lot - at least according to the latest studies. One cold start-up equals to 500 km of driving. I'm trying to save my car a bit here. A 30-day travelling card (similar to 30-dagarskort in Stockholm) costs today 73 euros. It's handy but if I use the car every now and then, it won't be cheap anymore.

There's no T in Sahara

I read the news. I comment the news. I criticize the news. That's me, like it or not.

In recent news there has been raised an issue about humans' growing need of water in near future. At the same time the ice-bergs keep melting away, which brings extra water. Where is the problem? Today I read that the water level on earth is going to be higher than previously expected. Need of more water in the future again to solve this problem. Why not bring the extra water into Sahara and make it fertile again? Or something just as unexpected.

Scientists are trying to combine hydrogen (2 H2) and oxygen (O2) not just to make water (2 H2O) but in order to get huge amount of energy from nuclear fusion. That should not affect the balance of water still, but the outcome would be more environmentally friendly than radioactive waste. I may calculate here wrong because I wasn't brilliant e.g. in chemistry at school, but instead of using oxygen we could use the ozone (O3). It would require 3 hydrogen molecules, but who cares, right? The ozone layer wouldn't grow anymore and everyone would be happy.

Yesterday there was a piece of news on TV which I had heard already. Having a dog costs environmentally double as a sport utility vehicle (chemically marked as SUV). Ain't that something? It isn't bad enough that people who claim to love animals keep them imprisoned - they also contaminate our future. I don't know who has sponsored that news, maybe the Hummer manufacturers or such, but it leaves us with a wider perspective anyway.

All in all, it seems that we're still dumb enough not to truly exploit the energy our Sun is dealing us every moment. Why to build even wind mills to spoil the views? Ok, the Sun will stop shining one day but it's a millions of years away still. Or hundreds at least. We could save some of it for the future needs already, if we couldn't use all of it right now. Why are we so petty that we fight for a piece of the action while the whole action is endangered?


There are some chat applications available, like Office Communicator. Also Skype, Gmail and Facebook for instance offer chat services. So this topic is familiar to many of us already.

When I use the chat, I can see an informative string of text saying "X is writing" or something alike. That means I'm about to get a reply from Mr/Mrs. X soon. Sometimes the info text is there and then it suddenly disappears. No reply. Then the info re-appears there, only to disappear again. Finally I get a short reply, like "Ok". Sometimes there won't be any reply at all. I wonder what happens. Was the fellow I was chatting with erasing his text, then re-wrote it, erased again and in the end wrote 'ok' and pressed 'send' button (hitting the enter key also does that usually)? And sometimes he cleared his text and didn't send anything? Or is the informative text giving erroneous information? Can it be trusted anymore?

This is not the end of the world, but small things like this start to aggravate after a while. Chat is a good tool for many purposes - both at work and when you want to be a prick with your friends. I do them both, in a positive sense if it only is possible. I'd like to think it is.